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United Way Cape Breton

United Way Cape Breton inspires people to come together to make a lasting difference in our communities.

Why Give to United Way Cape Breton?

United Way Cape Breton brings communities together – business, labour, governments, voluntary sector organizations and residents – to improve individual lives and our collective living conditions. No other organization supports such a broad range of programs and services.

By giving to United Way Cape Breton, you choose to pool your contribution with thousands of others so that United Way Cape Breton can make significant financial investments in solutions that get results. Some of the benefits of donating to United Way Cape Breton include:

The ability to contribute to a “whole of community” approach to tackling complex social issues. 
The ability to save organizations the cost of fundraising and receipting, allowing them to focus more of their resources where they are needed most. 
The convenience of making one charitable contribution to help many in need and receiving one tax receipt. 
The convenience of using payroll deduction to manage all of your charitable giving.