‘MacLean’s’ will come out with two covers in March.

February 12, 2018 | by: Bill Bradley

The March issue of the Canadian news magazine ‘MacLean’s’ will come out with two covers. One for women, and another for men. In bold face on one cover: “Women pay $6.99 for this magazine”. On the other? “Men pay $8.81 for this magazine”. They are asking men to pay 26% more than women for the latest issue in order to bring attention to the pay gap. The magazine says it wants to contribute to the ongoing conversation about sexism and workplace discrimination by focusing on pay equity. The issue has also contains a number of stories on the topic. Statistics Canada reports that the annual salaries of full-time working women in Canada are an average of 26% less than that of men. Maclean’s says it will donate proceeds from the higher-priced issue to a charity that invests in Indigenous education

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