September 14, 2018 | by: Bill Bradley

Happy “Pregnant Women’s Day”

Happy Pregnant Women’s Day”, set aside to honor all moms-to-be.We asked what’s the most unusual pregnancy craving you’ve heard of?

Crystal Boyko: It’s not an unusual one but…..My oldest son had a nice rosie glow when he was born. I ate thousands of cherry Popsicles lol!

Allison Eichorst: I had a pickle craving with my first, ice tea slurpees with my third and nothing with my second, I was puking too much!

Shawna Welder: Eggo waffles. Ate them just about every morning. After I had the baby we had to throw them out due to freezer burn. Haven’t ate them since.

Trisha Rioch: Boys were saurkraut…… Girl was sugar

Alicia Witte Kirzinger: Reese’s peanut butter cups

Vanessa Lockhart: Pepsi slushes everyday for the first three months!

Alyssa Halvorson: Steamed Soya beans with sea salt